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Lisa is a Canadian transplant living in England. She enjoys cuddles with The Bean, playing World of Warcraft, reading, writing, watercolour painting, cooking and reading Tarot.

Lisa from Mythical Witchery


Published author, kitchen witch/crone, tarot reader, artist, cat mum, gamer, computer geek, and spoonie.


Jelly Bean, star of the show

Everyone knows that it's Jelly Bean who is the real STAR of the show. 

"The Bean", as he is affectionately known, is a five-year old Devon Rex. He enjoys unboxings, sniffing packets of yummy-smelling herbs, tearing up packing paper, knocking crystals on the floor, and freaking out his Mum when he gets too close to the candles. He is the undisputed star of Mythical Witchery. 

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